NFL - let's talk trades and draft

Episode 2 March 27, 2019 01:09:58

Show Notes

 A whole lot of Hayden and Ian, and a bit of Kennedy, weighing in on Foles, Bortles, Bosa, Haskins, and oh so much more. Trade discussions and draft predictions.  Get 'em here, or get 'em wrong! OK so they aren't ALWAYS right... but they are always confident, and you can't be a winner without hella baller confidence!  

Other Episodes

Episode 46

October 25, 2019 01:43:19
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SHOOTING SEASON - Welcome back, NBA!

While the boys love their football, they are absolutely bursting with joy at the opening of the NBA season! This episode would easily last 24/7 through the first week of the NBA season if life didn’t get in the way. Get Hayden’s and Kennedy’s season beginning rankings right here … and listen closely, you might want to fire some of these words and picks back at them over twitter throughout the season. Goodness knows, Guard of LeBron (Klink) and Defender of Greek G-d of the Paint (Curley), will be smack tweeting continuously! ...


Episode 47

October 28, 2019 00:47:44
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Way More NBA!

This is the best of Hayden and Kennedy basking in the glory of NBA season’s early days. Even LeBron’s rocky start isn’t getting Hayden down today. The boys take off on a journey of interesting picks including MVP, Breakout Player, Proposed Rule Change, Defensive Player, and Game-On-The-Line-Shooter. Of course, there is still some football in the mix this weekend, with Hayden hungrily anticipating Drew Brees’ return, and Kennedy taking a moment to absorb the joy of his near perfect NCAA day amidst a basically stress-free NFL week – Cowboys are obviously off. Don’t worry, the boys find plenty to debate, even without AMERICA’S TEAM on the field! ...


Episode 45

October 17, 2019 01:55:22
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Cowboys Crunch Continues

Yall know how this one goes. Another week of triumph for Hayden on his New Orleans high, and another very tough discussion for our own Kennedy Curley, Cowboys fan extraordinaire. After Kennedy endures his lumps, the boys take on the roles of supreme beings in the universe of NFL team ownership with a rousing round of Cut, Fire, or Keep. They decide -or debate- the fates of some of the most controversial coaches and players of the moment. If only! Of course, the week is not complete without a review of last week’s games, and previews and predictions for the upcoming week. Agree or disagree? Send them a tweet to let them know! ...