C Lunch Ball Smack

NBA Mighty Has Fallen, Plus NFL Tomorrow

Not just fallen but broken. Kennedy and Hayden discuss what Steph’s injury means for the Warriors, and contemplate a few of the rest of this week’s NBA ups and downs: Will the Harden-Westbrook duo succeed? And ohhhhh the bitter and the sweet ingredients in the mix for our die-hard Mavs supporter, and ever-lasting LeBron lover. Next come predictions for tomorrow’s NFL day. This time Hayden’s team is sitting on the sidelines… and yet somehow, he manages to get even MORE spirited than ever regarding Sunday’s games. And when it comes to Monday’s Cowboys VS Giants… OOOOHHH BROTHER! It’s a whole new level! Of Course, Kennedy can hold his own- he knows how to dish it right back! Listen now, and tweet them some smack back during the games!

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