C Lunch Ball Smack

Who Belongs on the All-NBA Teams; Lovin’ and Hatin’ on LeBron; and Cowboy Talk with Guest

Bo may know more than diddly, but no one knows LeBron like HAYDEN KNOWS LEBRON! Can he convince Kennedy and Ian, and special guest Jacob Berrier, of LeBron’s rightful position on the All NBA team? Following that escapade, Berrier and Kennedy take on the challenge of using grounded logic to discuss an optimistic outlook on the upcoming Cowboys season with an insolent, nay-saying, NOS drinking, stubble-scratching Hayden. Ian supports with arguments in favor of Dak Prescott and Kellen Moore, and demonstrates supreme restraint… mostly just because he can’t get his hands around Hayden’s throat from miles away! And then we dip into March Madness. JUST WAIT TILL SATURDAY!

Brought to you by Hayden Klinkhamer of C Lunch Ball Smack