C Lunch Ball Smack

State of Dallas, NBA MVP, NCAA FB

Right, Dallas is not a state, but it is certainly IN one! The guys start today by talkin’ Dak and debating “candidates” for Dallas’ next head coach (Hayden… your publisher is going on record as saying MICHIGAN IS NOT GOING TO FIRE HARBAUGH.) Next, they turn their attention to the NBA, jumping into an early MVP conversation. After that, Kennedy provides a colorful recounting of his visit to LSU for the game of pain. I promise you will find some surprises in this one! After the virtual trip, both Hayden and Kennedy offer predictions about this weekend’s NCAA football games. For the big finale, Kennedy goes on a much-needed rant ending in a shocking revelation that is sure to bring his own house down!! I don’t know the rules myself, but I dare say this could get him banished from the kingdom!

Brought to you by Hayden Klinkhamer of C Lunch Ball Smack