C Lunch Ball Smack

Remembering Josh, Cowboys, and Rookie Contracted QB Rankings

On the eve of the second anniversary Josh Ochoa’s passing, the boys spend the first few minutes talking about the best friend who is the inspiration for this podcast. Before long the inevitable Cowboy’s discussion/debate ignites– Josh looking down from above with a giant smile, and a big wooden spoon to stir the pot! The great quarterback compensation debate follows, and quickly develops into another list ranking session. This time we get the top 10 QBs still under rookie contract… but it doesn’t come easily. Mama said nothing worth having was ever quick or easy. This episode is well worth having! Take note, next time the guys are switching to an audio-only version of the cast. Wait, what??? No more WATCHING lunch get eaten?!

Brought to you by Hayden Klinkhamer of C Lunch Ball Smack