C Lunch Ball Smack

NFL Pre Mortem with a Splash of NBA

Midway through the NFL season, Hayden and Kennedy offer up a frank review of their original and revised picks - where did they go most right and most wrong? And which predictions are still in the percolator? There’s plenty of “yeah you are right” in this honest after-the-fact-review section of the show. If you find yourself lulled into a false sense of total peace at the C Lunch Sports table, rest assured that before long the episode winds its way back to yet another good ol’ American Dak off! And Kennedy thought he was getting a bye week - as if! When the smoke clears, we get early reactions to the NBA (AKA a bit of second guessing) and NBA top rookies. Agree or disagree? Listen up then tweet them your thoughts!

Brought to you by Hayden Klinkhamer of C Lunch Ball Smack