C Lunch Ball Smack

IT'S LUNCHTIME! Final 4; NCAA's Most Overrated; More Cowboys

Listen to the boys give both some unique, and some widely-shared insight on the final four games -Then find out how well they predicted the NCAA championship game. From there we get to a discussion about the upcoming recruiting class, followed by everyone’s favorite and most controversial topic: NBA’S MOST OVERRATED players. Next up – Cowboys talk, of course! Today’s podcast is accented by background girlfriends, future in-laws, puppy tails, and squeaky toys; and is punctuated by Ian quietly sipping from his sophisticated reusable tumbler while Hayden chows down, crinkles wrappers, and slurps away from Whataburger’s answer to the big gulp (don’t worry, kids, Hayden never throws his cups and straws away… the turtles are safe!) What do y’all expect, IT’S CALLED C LUNCH CLUB FOR A REASON!

Brought to you by Hayden Klinkhamer of C Lunch Ball Smack