C Lunch Ball Smack

Callin Foul on Kaepernicks Expectations? Plus Other Odds and Ends

Hayden and Kennedy weigh in on Colin Kaepernick’s actions of yesterday and today. How and why did we get to this place? And are his current actions and expectations realistic? After a heartfelt review of the Kaepernick case, the boys move to NFL MVP odds. They agree on the guys with the highest odds of winning -Guess which 1:10 bet has Hayden all fired up. What’s wrong, Dak got your tongue? Send him a tweet if you disagree! Next the guys go deep again as they delve into the Myles Garrett suspension. Kennedy has some inside information, and they both have interesting perspectives. You won’t want to miss this! Never fear, Hoops fans, the guys will ALWAYS leave time to talk about their true love. NBA week 5 standings round out the weeks chat, and ultimately Hayden’s pup, Brees, wraps up the podcast by bestowing his brilliance on us all. Clubhouse… doghouse… WHATEVER!

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