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December 05, 2019 01:38:50

State of Dallas, NBA MVP, NCAA FB

Right, Dallas is not a state, but it is certainly IN one! The guys start today by talkin’ Dak and debating “candidates” for Dallas’ next head coach (Hayden… your publisher is going on record as saying MICHIGAN IS NOT GOING TO FIRE HARBAUGH.) Next, they turn their attention to the NBA, jumping into an early MVP conversation. After that, Kennedy provides a colorful recounting of his visit to LSU for the game of pain. I promise you will find some surprises in this one! After the virtual trip, both Hayden and Kennedy offer predictions about this weekend’s NCAA football games. For the big finale, Kennedy goes on a much-needed rant ending in a shocking revelation that is sure to bring his own house down!! I don’t know the rules myself, but I dare say this could get him banished from the kingdom! ...



November 19, 2019 01:11:54

Callin Foul on Kaepernicks Expectations? Plus Other Odds and Ends

Hayden and Kennedy weigh in on Colin Kaepernick’s actions of yesterday and today. How and why did we get to this place? And are his current actions and expectations realistic? After a heartfelt review of the Kaepernick case, the boys move to NFL MVP odds. They agree on the guys with the highest odds of winning -Guess which 1:10 bet has Hayden all fired up. What’s wrong, Dak got your tongue? Send him a tweet if you disagree! Next the guys go deep again as they delve into the Myles Garrett suspension. Kennedy has some inside information, and they both have interesting perspectives. You won’t want to miss this! Never fear, Hoops fans, the guys will ALWAYS leave time to talk about their true love. NBA week 5 standings round out the weeks chat, and ultimately Hayden’s pup, Brees, wraps up the podcast by bestowing his brilliance on us all. Clubhouse… doghouse… WHATEVER! ...



November 07, 2019 01:40:22

All NCAA All Day

It’s a happy day at the C Lunch Sports Club -NCAA basketball is IN SEASON! But both Kennedy and Hayden manage to momentarily reign in their glee to launch today’s cast with an important football list. Surprised at yesterday's NCAA college football playoff rankings, the boys release their own newly revised NCAA football top 10s… and back them up with super data-driven supporting evidence. Next, just one day into the season, the guys can’t resist issuing their top 5 NCAA basketball “future projections”. If you weren’t sure where Kennedy’s allegiance lies before, you will have no doubts after today’s episode. The excitement is contagious! Join in or smack ‘em down on twitter. Hayden isn’t sure you can – challenge accepted, anyone?? ...



November 05, 2019 01:03:52

Baker, Kitchens Burning Brownies? Plus NBA Power Rank Reactions

This week we are treated to a foursome at the lunch table. Browns specialist and club member Eriq Diaz joins Hayden, Kennedy, and Ian, and the result is a super-charged knowledge bowl of football and basketball discussion. The episode starts with an in-depth review of Baker Mayfield’s style, and a glance at Freddie Kitchens role. The boys dissect their effect on the Browns’ game… for better or worse. Eventually the talk comes around to the club’s reactions to the top 5 teams on NBA Power Rankings. Last subject – LSU VS Bama projections…That’s Hayden’s LSU VS Bama! Guess what he thinks. Tweet them your reactions! ...



November 03, 2019 01:38:46
NBA Mighty Has Fallen, Plus NFL Tomorrow

NBA Mighty Has Fallen, Plus NFL Tomorrow

Not just fallen but broken. Kennedy and Hayden discuss what Steph’s injury means for the Warriors, and contemplate a few of the rest of this week’s NBA ups and downs: Will the Harden-Westbrook duo succeed? And ohhhhh the bitter and the sweet ingredients in the mix for our die-hard Mavs supporter, and ever-lasting LeBron lover. Next come predictions for tomorrow’s NFL day. This time Hayden’s team is sitting on the sidelines… and yet somehow, he manages to get even MORE spirited than ever regarding Sunday’s games. And when it comes to Monday’s Cowboys VS Giants… OOOOHHH BROTHER! It’s a whole new level! Of Course, Kennedy can hold his own- he knows how to dish it right back! Listen now, and tweet them some smack back during the games! ...



October 29, 2019 01:34:26

NFL Pre Mortem with a Splash of NBA

Midway through the NFL season, Hayden and Kennedy offer up a frank review of their original and revised picks - where did they go most right and most wrong? And which predictions are still in the percolator? There’s plenty of “yeah you are right” in this honest after-the-fact-review section of the show. If you find yourself lulled into a false sense of total peace at the C Lunch Sports table, rest assured that before long the episode winds its way back to yet another good ol’ American Dak off! And Kennedy thought he was getting a bye week - as if! When the smoke clears, we get early reactions to the NBA (AKA a bit of second guessing) and NBA top rookies. Agree or disagree? Listen up then tweet them your thoughts! ...