C Lunch Ball Smack

--- Hayden Klinkhamer ---

C Lunch Club discussions about all things all BALL related. You want to listen to Hayden, Kennedy, and Ian toss it around because they know their ... stuff. And because it is entertaining to watch them smack talk each other when they aren't QUITE on the ball. The discussion started around the school lunch table, and they haven't come for air since they were old enough to learn the words "box out!" But somehow their knowledge seems to date back to the days James Naismith and his ball in a peach basket. Tune in, you are bound to learn a thing or two! Or at least enjoy the well-intentioned, if occasionally unsportsmanlike, conduct.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Beyond The Zion Mock Draft - Ian’s Back!

    That’s right, Ian is back! And he brings some constructive criticism for Hayden… suggesting Hayden drop a fundamental Haydenism. Down to business, the boys take the mock draft wide and deep, discussing the players who are NOT Zion Williamson, and throwing out predictions about trades and team building moves. Also ...


  2. American Pick Flippers!

    No they aren’t picking through the heaps and piles in your garage looking for hidden antique gems. They are “picking up” each remaining NBA player, coach, and team, and examining them from every possible angle. The result may or may not be a flipped prediction … or two! With Ian ...


  3. West Finals, a New Coach K, and Lakers of Tomorrow

    Underestimated Trail Blazers made it this far… do we think they are they ready for war? Is the outcome KD dependent? What’s next for Ben Simmons? What does (or should) the 76ers loss mean for Brett Brown? Guess who’s ready to step into his shoes… watch today’s show and find ...


  4. Debating DeRozan and DeNCAA

    The guys flash back to high school with guest club member Keevron for a down and dirty DeMar DeRozan debate. After a bit of time tossing around imaginary team rankings, they take on the very real issue of NCAA restrictions launched by a discussion of the proposed graduate transfer rule ...


  5. WARRing Over HARD Predictions

    The club goes to WAR over refreshed NBA finals predictions, and make some mature (but HARD) admissions regarding their predictions for MVP. Bonus point when Hayden's bae gets in a real smack on behalf of the co-hosts and most viewers... but Kennedy loses his bid for add-on. Dude, it's one ...