C Lunch Ball Smack

--- Hayden Klinkhamer ---

C Lunch Club discussions about all things all BALL related. You want to listen to Hayden, Kennedy, and Ian toss it around because they know their ... stuff. And because it is entertaining to watch them smack talk each other when they aren't QUITE on the ball. The discussion started around the school lunch table, and they haven't come for air since they were old enough to learn the words "box out!" But somehow their knowledge seems to date back to the days James Naismith and his ball in a peach basket. Tune in, you are bound to learn a thing or two! Or at least enjoy the well-intentioned, if occasionally unsportsmanlike, conduct.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. You ve Waited Long Enough – Saints VS Cowboys Reviewed

    Finally, the aftershocks have begun to settle. As a new weekend of NFL football descends upon us, the moment you have either dreaded or longed for, but which you certainly knew was inevitable, has arrived. Hayden reacts to redemption-match 2019. You can run but you can’t hide… unless you are ...


  2. Disappointments, Surprises, America’s Team – NFL Week 3

    A review of week 3 begins with Hayden and Kennedy discussing their biggest disappointments and surprises for the season thus far. Soon the unthinkable - Hayden admits to being wrong! Thankfully, Kennedy steps in to comfort with a universal truth: It isn’t wrong to be wrong. And all is right ...


  3. Week 2 Review – The Final Catch Up!

    This episode, recorded on September 16th, is last of the catch-up collection. The boys discuss week two, debate and revise their lists, and prepare for week 3. Enjoy the chat and challenges, and before you know it, you will be ready to listen to their review of this week’s games! ...


  4. Breaking Down NFL Week 2

    Another flashback catch-up episode recorded on September 14th, starting with the boys marveling over Carolina’s loss to the Buccaneers. The evolution of predictions is among the most interesting of the lunch club adventures! ...


  5. Flashback To NCAA Week 1

    Sorry for the delay y'all! It has taken some time to get up and running with a new audio-only format. This podcast was recorded on September 1st, and features Kennedy and Hayden reviewing the first week of college football and anticipating the launch of the NFL season! Get ready for ...