C Lunch Ball Smack

--- Hayden Klinkhamer ---

C Lunch Club discussions about all things all BALL related. You want to listen to Hayden, Kennedy, and Ian toss it around because they know their ... stuff. And because it is entertaining to watch them smack talk each other when they aren't QUITE on the ball. The discussion started around the school lunch table, and they haven't come for air since they were old enough to learn the words "box out!" But somehow their knowledge seems to date back to the days James Naismith and his ball in a peach basket. Tune in, you are bound to learn a thing or two! Or at least enjoy the well-intentioned, if occasionally unsportsmanlike, conduct.
Brought to you by Hayden Klinkhamer of C Lunch Ball Smack

Latest Episodes…

  1. Ball Banter

    A little bit of final four from Mr North Carolina, some NBA trade talk, and NFL predictions … including (predictably) some Cowboys and Saints trash talkin’ between all 3 members of C Lunch club. Don't miss the chance the chance to say you heard it here first! ...


  2. NFL - let's talk trades and draft

     A whole lot of Hayden and Ian, and a bit of Kennedy, weighing in on Foles, Bortles, Bosa, Haskins, and oh so much more. Trade discussions and draft predictions.  Get 'em here, or get 'em wrong! OK so they aren't ALWAYS right... but they are always confident, and you can't ...


  3. NBA predictions

    Hayden, Ian, and Kennedy make a collective decision (yeah right!) about the likely outcome at each turn of the road for the remainder of the NBA season through the playoffs. Will they agree on the ultimate outcome? A unanimous vote for Golden State triumph? You will have to watch to ...